Blur drummer Dave Rowntree has thrilled fans by hinting the band are primed for an imminent comeback.

The British PARKLIFE rockers have turned into a part-time outfit to allow frontman Damon Albarn the freedom to focus on his animated side-project Gorillaz, but Rowntree insists all four Blur members are eager to work on the band that launched them to fame again.

He says, "There are plans afoot for Blur but I really can't say anymore. There are plans for the band though - we shall see what happens. It's the thing I like most.

"I don't miss the travelling, the hotels or the craziness that goes with touring. I'm 40 now and all that takes its toll more than it does when you're 20."

Blur's last album THINK TANK was released in 2003.

24/04/2005 21:40