British rockers Blur have returned to the recording studio and are planning to release a new album - just weeks after the band's label boss called for a new record.
The Parklife hitmakers released their last album, Think Tank, in 2003, shortly after guitarist Graham Coxon walked away from the band during recording.
They successfully returned to the stage last year (09) for a series of gigs, and recently released a limited edition vinyl single as part of a campaign to save record stores.
Parlophone Records president Miles Leonard subsequently urged the group to get back in the studio and give fans what they want - a new album.
Now, frontman Damon Albarn has confirmed the band will release a collection of new tracks in the "undetermined" future.
He tells NME, "I'm definitely going to do a few more of those seven-inches (vinyl records) and at some point in the undetermined future there will be a record at the end of it.
"I love the no pressure aspect. Just going in the studio and recording it in a day is something we haven't done since the B-sides in the early days.
"We can't do it all the time. So I don't want anyone to think there's an album coming soon, it's not possible, but we've got songs!"