British rockers Blur encountered the "worst side" of America when they backed out of a radio commitment - only to see their album blacklisted.

Singer DAMON ALBARN suffered a physical breakdown brought on by dehydration after the band's triumphant shows at London's ASTORIA venue in May (03), when they debuted their new album THINK TANK.

That, coupled with some "pressure at home", led Albarn to request a week off from record bosses so he could recuperate - but he also ended up missing out on some radio-broadcast American festivals, which infuriated media honchos.

He explains, "All hell broke loose. There are two conglomerates who basically own all the radio stations in America. The attitude - which is the worst side of America - was, right, you don't play our game, we're cutting you out entirely.

"So as it stands we've been taken off the airwaves in America.

"I don't know if my anti-war stance had any bearing on it. But I suspect that didn't help in their decision to be so aggressive."

23/09/2003 21:20