British band Blur are happy their new album was leaked on to the internet prior to its release - claiming they may have done it themselves had somebody else not beaten them to it.

Hunky lead singer Damon Albarn believes online piracy of their upcoming THINK TANK album has made the band's return to the live arena that little bit easier.

He says, "The gigs are going down really well, helped by the fact that the album has been on the internet for two months and everybody know all the words to every song, which is weird.

"The idea of playing a totally 'cold' gig doesn't really exist anymore as everyone has all the music they want to hand."

Drummer Dave Rowntree adds, "I'm rabidly pro the internet and as many people hearing our albums as possible. If it hadn't been leaked by someone we probably would've leaked it ourselves."

23/04/2003 20:58