Blur bassist Alex James is to present the return of 1980s iconic music show THE TUBE, which is set to air as a radio programme on Channel 4's new virtual broadcasting service, The cult TV show, originally launched in 1982, was seen as an alternative to the BBC's now defunct hit chart show Top Of The Pops, and featured legendary live performances from the likes of REM, U2 and Madonna. James will be joined by Factory Records boss TONY WILSON, MTV presenter EMILY ROSE and children's television presenter KONNIE HUQ, when the programme begins in its new radio format on November 3 (06). He says, "I'm very excited to be presenting the new Tube. I'm looking forward to being part of something unpredictable. "This is a completely new recipe for radio; mix a whole bucket of music show with a tablespoon of contemporary art, a teaspoon of rocket science and a pinch of bottom. "Stand well back and listen for an hour."