Blur frontman Damon Albarn has launched a scathing attack on troubled rocker Pete Doherty's dismal performance at the London Live 8 gig earlier this month (02JUL05).

The PARKLIFE hitmaker, who criticised the line-up of the Live 8 gigs for being "too white", was baffled when former heroin addict Doherty came on stage.

Doherty has sold barely any records compared to the huge names who performed, including Madonna, Pink Floyd and Mariah Carey.

His duet of T-Rex's Children of the Revolution with SIR Elton John was panned by many critics as the worst performance of the day.

Albarn says, "The concert was all about raising awareness, but Pete looked like he was having trouble raising his own awareness. He looked wasted.

"With Africa, we're talking about a nation battling through immense poverty and hardship, and he can't quite get it together to sing a song.

"When you look at what they're (Africans) faced with, it kind of makes his drama and what he's faced with seems trivial.

"On that day it just seemed like an odd sort of image."

29/07/2005 09:07