Bluey Robinson has defended pal Justin Bieber for taking his top off in front of a pensioner.

The 23-year-old singer, who is currently working with a band called The Feds ahead of their Glastonbury performance later this year, has spoken out in support of his pal after pictures of the 'Sorry' hitmaker surfaced of him grinding shirtless with an elderly lady.

The pair struck up a friendship when Bluey joined Bieber as support on his European tour back in 2011.

When BANG Showbiz asked if he'd seen the footage, which Justin uploaded to his Instagram page, Bluey, 28, replied: ''Yes, I did, he's spreading the love you know, OAP's need love too, it's just hilarious that he didn't have a top on.''

In the video, the Kanye West and Jay Z song 'N****s in Paris' plays in the background as Justin dances closely with the lady, while an elder gentleman -thought to be her husband - looks on and laughs. Bieber then embraces the lady, hugging and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Meanwhile in addition to playing Glastonbury, Bluey will be at Lovebox festival this year and is also performing at Brighton's The Great Escape and he's super excited for his other showbiz pal Ed Sheeran headlining Glastonbury on June 25.

He said: ''I've known him for years - I knew him when he was 16, we haven't seen each other in two years and meanwhile he's taking over the whole world. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with him at Glastonbury.''

Bluey revealed that he's known Ed since he was 16 when the pair auditioned for 2008 TV series 'Britannia High' when they both made it to the final rounds of auditions but missed out on being cast for the show.

But he admits his pal is still the same now as he was back then.

He recalled: ''He was exactly the same as he is now, playing his little guitar with a little claw on it, he'd done hundreds of shows and he'd been working hard from there.

''We had a mutual love for music then he came down to London and then he was couch hopping and he stayed at my mum's floor one night, he was like, 'Bro where you staying tonight' and I was like 'I'm going home' and he was like, 'Can I stay at your house? And I was like, 'yeah'. My mum wasn't there that day but she's met him before, he's an easy guy to like. He's a talented good-hearted person.''