Blues Brothers 2000 star Jim Belushi is desperate to resolve a 17-year feud with his next door neighbour, former CATWOMAN actress Julie Newmar, and hopes to achieve this by inviting her to star on his hit American sitcom.

Belushi wants Newmar, 71, to play a nasty neighbour on his show ACCORDING TO JIM and hopes the offer will end their conflict. Newmar had to pay Belushi a reported $12,000 (GBP6,600) after pelting his home with eggs when her complaints about his security lights, that were keeping her awake at night, fell on deaf ears.

But Belushi wants to resolve the problem, saying, "We're going to do a show and say to her, 'Listen, do According To Jim, as my neighbour.'

"I'd love to be able to get along. I've put the olive branch out many times but it's not working."

08/10/2004 20:15