Blue member Simon Webbe was caught in a compromising situation with a mystery lady in a nightclub toilet over the weekend (07-AUG04).

The GUILTY singer, 25, was spotted at trendy London club CIRQUE @ HIPPODROME chatting to a girl and ushering her to the VIP toilets for a spot of 'quality time'.

A source told British newspapers The Star and THE MIRROR, "They were giggling and didn't seem to care who saw."

Even being disturbed by a member of the club's staff wasn't enough to take Webbe's mind off his latest bonding session.

"The lock on the toilet door was broken so when one of the club's staff wanted to go for a wee in there, he barged in on the couple.

"The bouncer just apologised and left them to it - and the pair were in there for another 15 minute or so."

10/08/2004 14:26