Blue rebel Lee Ryan recently shocked onlookers by openly groping his glamour model girlfriend EMMA DAVIES while loudly boasting about "bravely" taking on an armed mad-man.

The GUILTY singer impressed his pin-up beauty while queuing for a taxi in London by fondling her breasts and astounding her with tales of his courageous battle with a knife-wielding thug, according to Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper.

An amazed witness reveals, "Emma looked at Lee adoringly and said, 'I can't believe a guy threatens you with a knife and you hit him. You're so brave.'

"She was clearly impressed, although myself and other people in the queue looked at Lee and wondered how a slight fella like him could take on such a challenge. He was employing a tried and tested line - a bit of a James Bond routine."

15/06/2004 21:21