Blue heart-throb Duncan James has rushed back into the arms of close friend Tara Palmer-Tomkinson after being humiliated by his gorgeous girlfriend ANYA LAHIRI.

The former PRECIOUS singer Lahiri spent Saturday night (28FEB04) flirting with British reality TV star ALISTAIR GRIFFIN at a EUROVISION: MAKING YOUR MIND UP show.

One of the eyewitnesses says, "Anya said to Alistair 'Tell me about this girlfriend of yours then'. She had a mischievous look in her eye and a big grin.

"Alistair looked a bit uncomfortable as he told Anya he'd been with his girlfriend for around a year and a half."

James' reaction was to immediately go and find his business partner - Palmer-Tomkinson - with whom he has been romantically linked.

A friend of the couple explains, "Duncan has been told of Anya's jealousy over him spending time with Tara since they formed their production company, so it's a bit rich of her to chase other men."

Blue are currently on a break so bandmember Simon Webbe can manage his pop proteges VS.

03/03/2004 14:08