Blue rebel Antony Costa fled with glamour model Jodie Marsh after his ex-girlfriend viciously attacked him at British soap actress Jennifer Ellison's 21st birthday bash.

The ALL RISE singer was devastated when his former sweetheart LUCY BOLSTER - who gave birth to their baby EMILIE earlier this year (04) - arrived at the London party on Wednesday (16JUN04) and began screaming and hitting him until he was forced to storm off with his pin-up friend, according to British tabloid The Sun.

A stunned onlooker reveals, "Lucy was angry that Ant's efforts to set her up in a house in Wales are not going fast enough for her.

"Things flared up and she started pushing Ant around and prodding him. He stood up, banged his hands on the table and stomped off with Jodie. He had a face like thunder and yelled 'I can't believe she's done this. What the f*** is she doing here?'"

18/06/2004 13:26