Blue star Simon Webbe knew his bandmate Duncan James was bisexual "all along" and vowed to protect his friend's secret until he was ready to talk about it.
The British boy band singer recently admitted publicly that he has had relationships with both men and women - and has kept his sexuality quiet for nearly ten years.
Webbe reveals James told the rest of the group many years ago and they supported him as he dealt with his feelings in private.
Webbe tells British magazine Now, "I knew all along. When he first had his feelings he came to me. We had a long chat about it eight years ago, a year after we formed Blue. I wasn't shocked. It doesn't matter what Duncan's sexuality is. He's my boy. I said, 'Look I'm here, and I know all the other guys will be here for you too. I love you and nothing's changed.'
"We didn't speak about it in the group because it was never an issue. We never talked about in public unless Duncan mentioned it. Nothing's changed. I'll never turn my back on Duncan, no matter what."