British pop group Blue were forced to embark on an emergency shopping spree in Los Angeles recently, when their clothes were impounded at the airport.

The hunky boyband stars had travelled to America to shoot the video for new single GUILTY, but upon discovering their designer garments had been confiscated, they realised they had nothing to wear for the promo.

So their stylist - who had spent thousands scouring London stores, purchasing items from the likes of GUCCI, ARMANI and DOLCE + GABBANA especially for the shoot - had to re-buy the boys' clothes in record time.

A source says, "The band had no clothes and CAROLINE and the boys had to spend the morning of the shoot running around LA buying new sets of outfits and shoes. But they got there in the end."

Singer Duncan James adds, "We couldn't believe it when our clothes were held at the airport. We had to get them sent straight back to London as we were only in LA for a few days."

25/08/2003 14:31