Blue hunk Lee Ryan is no longer complaining about the lack of romance in his life - he's dating a British celebrity journalist.

The FLY BY singer, 20, met the DAILY MIRROR's KIKI KING, 25, in May (03) at a party for jeweller MOUAWAD in Cannes, France - and the pair made their first public appearance on Tuesday (24JUN03) for Kiki's birthday.

Lovestruck Kiki says, "I tried to resist Lee but he was very persistent. He's sweet, generous and charming - all the things I like in a man. I'm used to reporting celebrity gossip but I never thought I'd be the subject of it myself."

King has been particularly impressed with the lothario's dating techniques.

She reveals, "Our first proper date was to the BLUE ELEPHANT restaurant in Fulham, London which was lovely. He's a real gentleman, holding open the doors, pulling out chairs and insisting on paying.

"At first I thought he was a bit young for me but he doesn't act his age at all. He makes me laugh so much and he's really cute."

Ryan had complained earlier this month (11JUN03) that his love life was "cr*p".

26/06/2003 13:53