Sexy boyband Blue have destroyed their wholesome image - by trashing six hotels in a row during their last British tour.

The pop quartet - Lee Ryan, Duncan James, Simon Webbe and ANTONY COSTA - horrified hotel staff by attacking their female entourage with fire extinguishers, beer and buckets of mashed food.

James confesses, "The last UK tour was crazy - six hotels got trashed in a row. There were us four, the dancers and a couple of others against the massage, make-up and hairdressing girls.

"We were running around with buckets of water and fire extinguishers.

"They filled a bucket with mashed up chocolate biscuits, tea, milk, crisps and fruit, and as we got out of the lift they drenched us in it.

"So we got pints of beer from the bar and chucked them at 'em. The hotel was in such a mess."

09/06/2004 17:04