Former Blue singer Duncan James has revealed his onstage kisses in Legally Blonde, THE MUSICAL were all real - because there was a mutual attraction between him and his co-star Sheridan Smith.
The boyband star appeared opposite the actress in the West End adaptation of Reese Witherspoon's hit 2001 film, playing Smith's love interest.
The pair puckered up for several onstage smooches, and James admits many of their kisses were not faked.
He tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "She's amazing. I miss her terribly now I'm not in Legally Blonde. We were inseparable when I was in the show. I think she's gorgeous and very sexy. She's got a swagger, a ghetto side that I love. I always slipped my tongue in when we kissed on stage, and so did she. We used to have a cheeky drunken snog (kiss)."
James shocked fans by 'coming out' as bisexual last year (09).