Blue hunk Simon Webbe is still cursing the time he offended pop superstar Janet Jackson by informing her he's hung a picture of her infamous Super Bowl breast flash on his bedroom wall.

Jackson - who caused outrage in February (04) when she flashed her flesh on a live televised performance with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - reacted to Webbe's blunder with such distaste, she abruptly ended their conversation.

Instead, Jackson - who was attending the showbiz party with Webbe and other pop stars - rapidly sparked up a rapport with Timberlake to avoid speaking to the ALL RISE singer again.

He says, "I told Janet Jackson I had that picture of her above my bed. She just said, 'Interesting...' and turned to talk to Justin Timberlake.

"I made a total idiot of myself and that is the first time and last time. Janet Jackson of all people. She wouldn't recognise me now though - I had an afro back then."

08/06/2004 17:03