Blue hunk Lee Ryan is in negotiations with production chiefs to bring the story of his life to the big screen - and he's cast himself in the lead role.

The wacky GUILTY singer - who is just 20 years old - has already penned the screenplay for his biopic which documents his troubled schooling, his battle with dyslexia and his torment at the hands of bullies who labelled him "thick".

He says, "When I was younger I got chucked out of three schools because they said I couldn't concentrate on anything. But the truth was I'm dyslexic and they didn't want to know.

"At my last school they told me I wasn't allowed to sit for all my GCSEs because they thought I'd fail. Other kids used to give me stick and call me thick.

"So I sat down and wrote a script about what was happening to me and now I'm making a film of it."

27/10/2003 02:31