Blue lothario Duncan James is ready to quit his passion for serial dating and settle down with one woman - so he can fall in love.

The self-confessed ONE LOVE womaniser admits he went "a bit mad" with the opposite sex when the boyband first hit upon fame, but he's now tired of his bachelor lifestyle.

He says, "I really want to meet someone special. It'd be good to get home from a foreign trip and have someone there waiting. I'd love to have a girlfriend.

"People keep asking me why I haven't got one, but I do find it hard to meet the right girl working in this industry.

"I feel I've got a lot of stuff out of my system since Blue started three years ago. I went a bit mad when I was younger and I had my fun - it was the excitement of being in a boyband - but I don't do it now. I'm much fussier and more cautious."

16/07/2003 21:11