Blue heart-throb Antony Costa is in talks to star in British soap opera Eastenders.

The GUILTY singer, 22, is friends with the show's leading male actor SHANE RITCHIE, who plays lovable east London pub landlord ALFIE MOON in the long-running BBC series.

Costa enthuses, "I want to be Shane Richie's lovechild. Alfie Moon's son.

"I'd love to join 'Enders, definitely. I've got a few friends there. A lot of the 'Enders cast have actually said 'We'd love you to be in it', so who knows?

"I've got myself an acting agent, Shane Richie's agent, so Shane Richie's my mentor, he's my MR MIYAGI as I always call him, and he laughs at that.

"He's introduced me to his agent and his agent's taken me on, so hopefully please God there's some stuff in the pipeline for me."

The pop group are currently taking a one-year hiatus to concentrate on solo projects.

04/06/2004 17:40