Blue hunk Simon Webbe has been secretly dating Britain's PLAYBOY PLAYMATE of the year - NATALIE DENNING.

The ALL RISE singer has been famously single since the band rose to fame back in 2001 - but has been linked to busty babes Emma Bunton and Dannii MINOGUE.

However, sources close to the ALL RISE hunk are already predicting the union will end in disaster - thanks to Denning's reputation for selling details of her celebrity romances to the press.

Former lovers LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, British model CALLAM BEST, and British TV star Gary Lucy have all endured tabloid scandals after getting close to her.

One insider whispers, "It's amazing that no one has found out about them before, they have been an item for the past few weeks.

"Simon has avoided being photographed with her because he didn't want everyone to know."

07/03/2004 10:11