Blue bandmember Antony Costa has ruled out the possibility of the foursome carrying on should fellow singer Lee Ryan leave - because three's "not a nice number".

The ALL RISE hitmaker, 22, was reacting to stories in the British media that Ryan is on the verge of quitting the hugely-popular pop stars to pursue a solo career.

And Antony is certain his band will not follow in the footsteps of groups like Westlife, THE Spice Girls and Take That by continuing on together after the departure of an original member.

Costa explains, "We've talked about what would happen after Blue.

"That's because at the end of the day, we're mates and we know that Blue isn't going to last forever. We're not the Rolling Stones. We won't be around in 50 years.

"If anyone left we would have to split because Blue are four. Westlife can get away with it because there are four of them left.

"If one of us left, it wouldn't work with just three of us. It's just not a nice number."

Costa is already considering an alternative career once Blue disbands.

He explains, "I'd like to get into acting but I wouldn't rule out singing."

23/04/2004 17:32