Blue hunk Duncan James has laughed off reports he and former SPICE GIRL Geri Halliwell are having a raunchy fling, but concedes he's always had a "thing" for her.

The ALL RISE hitmaker - who is currently dating long term love ANYA LAHIRI - insists his relationship with the LOOK AT ME singer is strictly platonic, despite the fact he has always had a crush on her.

James explains, "I always had a thing for Geri.

"Then, when I met her, she was going through her whole yoga-slimming-health-freak stage and was a bit standoffish and cold.

"Then I met her again and she was lovely."

As to how those rumours started, James explains, "We were asked to present Party In The Park together, and now we're 'having an affair'.

"She's wicked, I love her to bits, but that's absolute c***. I'm not sleeping with her."

24/06/2004 00:06