Paranoid Blue hunk Simon Webbe has lost interest in ladies - he'd rather become a tycoon and make lots of money instead of pursuing romance.

The ALL RISE singer - who insists he hasn't been in a serious relationship since the band began - fears he can't trust women, so he'd rather focus on building a fortune that will outlast the boyband's fame.

And Simon, 25, even denies reports of a romance with MISS ENGLAND JACKIE TURNER, saying, "She wasn't a real girlfriend. I haven't had a real girlfriend. No-one's meant anything to me since Blue started.

"It gets in the way. You can't tell who wants to go out with you for who you are and who wants to go out with you because you're in Blue.

"I've given up on girls. I'm going to focus on my new ambition. I'm going to concentrate on being an entrepreneur rather than chasing women.

"I want to be a property tycoon. I want to build up something that will last much longer than Blue will. I don't want to be one of those sad people doing rubbish stuff, a has-been. I want to be a big tycoon like RICHARD BRANSON."

05/01/2004 18:04