LATEST: British boyband Blue have settled their legal dispute with another group who share the same moniker.

The ALL RISE hitmakers were taken to the High Court by a Seventies rock group, who laid claim to the colourful name.

However, musical brothers HUGH, DAVID and MATT NICOLSON and their fellow bandmate IAN MacMILLAN, decided not to pursue their complaint when Judge Mr JUSTICE LADDIE told them it would probably be dismissed.

In return the new Blue have agreed to waive their claim to $160,000 (GBP100,000) worth of legal costs as long as the older Blue promised not to take their complaint further by any other means - for example a trademark action.

The judge pointed out to both parties that fans were unlikely to confuse hunky singers Duncan James, Lee Ryan, Anthony Costa and Simon Webbe for the older hitmakers.

30/06/2003 21:29