British band Blue heart-throb Duncan James had to appease his lover recently when she accused him of going to "shag" Britney Spears.

The ALL RISE singer admits his model girlfriend ANYA LAHIRI feels insecure - and was convinced he would have sex Spears' after seeing her perform her Onyx HOTEL tour in London last month (MAY04).

James explains, "I p**sed my girlfriend Anya off. I got tickets to Britney's concert and she had to go to her mate's birthday, so I said I'd see Britney and pick her up after.

"She wasn't happy. She said, 'Fine, you go and shag Britney.'

"I was like, 'What? I'm not gonna shag Britney. I'm not gonna get anywhere near her.'

"I wouldn't go with anyone behind Anya's back."

23/06/2004 20:58