American R+B sensation Blu Cantrell almost lost her sister to a horrific car crash three years ago (00).

The BREATHE beauty flew to be with her younger sister KELLI in hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, America after the hit-and-run crash three years ago (00).

Blu says, "We thought we'd lost her. She was driving on the busiest highway in Atlanta with her boyfriend and a drunk driver crashed into them.

"She had the window open and wasn't wearing a seatbelt, so she got thrown across the dual carriageway and landed on her head.

"The doctors say they couldn't believe she'd survived. Her boyfriend was lucky and escaped with only minor cuts and bruises, but everyone else died at the scene."

Blu says she will always be grateful for her sister's miraculous escape as the pair had been feuding for four years when the accident happened.

The 27-year-old says, "Kelli and I were close as children, but we grew apart because of some big issues we had to deal with.

"We only started speaking a week before the accident."

And Blu says the accident has changed her outlook on life, as she now looks for the best in people and takes nothing for granted.

She adds, "It was a few weeks before Kelli came out of the coma, but we'd knew she'd pull through.

"Kelli was pure evil before and she didn't even remember our feud when she came out of her coma.

"When I told her what had happened she cried and apologised. I forgave her because it had lifted a burden and she was so sincere about it.

"But one thing for sure is her accident changed out lives forever and these days I just live each day as it comes - and never take anything for granted."

16/10/2003 17:27