R+B star Blu Cantrell can't find a man to date her - and is sick of players who try to buy her affections.

The BREATHE chanteuse is currently spending her fourth week on top of the British charts with the hit single, but there's one side of her life that isn't going so well.

She tells British newspaper THE DAILY STAR, "Over in America, I'm known as the girl that everyone wants to f***.

"Any party I go to, it's straight into VIP with bottles of CRISTAL and thug-guys offering me diamonds and MERCEDES. But I can buy that material stuff for myself and when I explain that, they just get intimidated.

"That's why I don't date guys in my industry anymore."

Blu, 25, continues, "I am the perfect woman. I'm a millionaire, I'm famous, I know I'm hot and I know how to look after a man - but I just can't find the right one.

"I need a man to make me complete. Maybe I need a British guy."

29/08/2003 01:45