Singer Blu Cantrell has called off her romance with long term love TONY DE NIRO - and fired him as her manager as well.

The BREATHE beauty had been dating De Niro for the last few months but in recent weeks their romance has floundered.

And now Blu, who previously romanced dance star Sean Paul, wants to remove all memory of her former lover from her life.

A spokesperson for Cantrell says, "Blu has parted company with Tony after a series of incidents over the past 10 days.

"I can confirm they have split up and that he's no longer working with her."

The turbulent couple were heard screaming at each other at rap star 50 CENT's party on Monday night (16FEB04).

A source tells British tabloid the DAILY MIRROR, "It was mayhem. Blu was fuming and Tony seemed very angry at her.

"In the end she was ushered into her car and driven away."

Cantrell subsequently informed her staff to ditch De Niro as her manager and stop paying his hotel bill.

Another insider adds, "She wanted him out on the streets. From now on she will handle her business affairs herself. She doesn't want anything more to do with him."

25/02/2004 17:34