R+B stunner Blu Cantrell has taken another sly dig at rival singer Beyonce KNOWLES by blasting stars who keep their real personalities hidden.

The BREATHE beauty is glad her colourful past has not been brushed under the carpet, because fans know the real her - unlike Destiny's Child babe Beyonce, she has no image of purity to uphold.

And the former nude model has resisted all attempts to train her in media relations.

She laughs, "They tell you everything you're doing wrong, but I say, 'Be your f***ing self'; scratch your a** and cuss or whatever - you'd do it at home so why not do it in public? I don't give a s***. If all you do is go to church and drink mineral water, it's boring. We all have dirt.

"I'm not trying to portray this image that I'm innocent and I don't drink and I don't have sex - I'm drinking right now and I'll probably have sex again, eventually. I'm a f***ing rock star, man.

"I f***ing believe in all that - I see some artists trying to pretend, 'I'm celibate,' then their boyfriend's telling everyone how he banged her on the kitchen table, y'know? It's like bull**** to me. I am Catholic, but I would never be like, 'I'm not going to say that because the Lord wouldn't want it."

27/10/2003 16:58