BREATHE beauty Blu Cantrell nearly missed out on her chance to launch a music career - because she suspected the man who offered her a break was just after sex.

The stunning BREATHE singer encountered the mystery man as her sister lay in a coma after an horrific car crash. But luckily for Blu, both her sister and her career made a speedy recovery.

She says, "I was staying in a hotel next to the hospital and this guy stopped me in the lobby to tell me I looked like a singer. I was convinced he just wanted to get into my pants but I was wrong."

And Blu - who has been romantically linked to Jay-Z and SEAN PAUL - hopes people will eventually forget she used to be a nude model.

She adds, "You guys seem obsessed with my past. I'm proud of my past, it's kept people talking about me, which never hurts. I sleep perfectly well at night."

02/10/2003 21:29