Blossoms have been announced as the main support act for The Stone Roses at Wembley.

The 'Charlemagne' rockers - Tom Ogden, Joe Donovan, Charlie Salt, Josh Dewhurst and Myles Kellock - will be joined by Sleaford Mods and The G-O-D as they support their heroes on June 17.

Announcing the support slot on Twitter, Blossoms wrote: ''WE'RE VERY PROUD & EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE WE'LL BE MAIN SUPPORT TO @thestoneroses @wembleystadium on SAT 17th JUN (sic)''

The group no doubt didn't tag Sleaford Mods in the post as in May last year they were involved in a Twitter spat.

Rock duo Sleaford - Jason Williamson and musician Andrew Fearn - slammed the group hailing them a ''s***'' version of punk rock band Savage Garden.

They wrote on the micro-blogging site: ''Blossoms sound like Savage Garden, with a little bit of sh** in it. F***in Jesus (sic)''

And Blossoms fired back calling them ''old''.

They quipped: ''@sleafordmods up early tomorrow for pension day? Careful out there (sic)''

And they didn't stop there, Sleaford added: ''@BlossomsBand ffs. the irony being in 'youth' you are absolutely f***kin useless. Boardroom kiss arse tick w***rs (sic)''

Blossoms were lucky enough to share a stage with the 'I Wanna Be Adored' hitmakers - Ian Brown, John Squire, Alan Wren and Mani - at their Etihad Stadium show in Manchester in June and found it ''surreal'' supporting for their idols.

The indie pop band felt honoured to not only support the legendary Manchester-based group at the Etihad Stadium, but to get to perform at their favourite football team, Manchester City's ground.

Speaking after their set, frontman Tom said: ''Being on stage was surreal. Part of me couldn't wait for it to finish so that we could get off and see the Roses.''

And drummer Joe added: ''We're Manchester City fans. I saw Sergio Aguero's goal that won us the Premiere League here. For us to be playing at City's ground, that's special.''