THE NEW CARS have been forced to make a pit-stop on their US tour with Blondie after a tourbus crash last week (05JUN06) has left guitarist Elliot Easton needing surgery. Easton was left with a broken left clavicle (shoulder) after falling on the bus after it swerved to miss a vehicle en route to a show. The guitarist had surgery yesterday (12JUN06) after trying to play through the pain last week (ends11JUN06). Medics eventually told him that surgery and recovery time were crucial. Elliot is currently in hospital in New York City, where Dr STEVEN YOUNG has attempted to repair the broken left clavicle with a plate and screws - because the bones are too far apart to mend properly without surgery. Tourmate Deborah Harry of BLONDIE says, "It was amazing that, after the accident, Elliot played four more shows in a brace and in constant pain. "He really tried his best to keep on playing so he should be given a great deal of credit for that. We all wish him a speedy recovery." Easton hopes to be back on the road with The New Cars later this summer (06).