Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry decided to reform her acclaimed band after realising they were one of the few groups to survive the hedonistic 1970s.

The TIDE IS HIGH singer, 59, was encouraged to bring the group back together when she realised many of their peers had died. And also credits their enduring reputation as musical pioneers as inspiration for the move.

Debbie explains, "What we noticed in those 16 years is that people were catching up on our credibility.

"The people who we had influenced as kids were suddenly up there putting out their own music, so it seemed the right moment to come back.

"And since we were all still alive, we thought, 'Why not?' Seriously, it's really sad but true. There is such a high mortality rate in pop!

"It's staggering but nearly 75 per cent of people I came up with are now dead."

15/06/2004 13:35