LATEST: Blondie stars Deborah Harry and Chris Stein performed the penultimate gig at New York City's famed club CBGB yesterday (14OCT06), calling the venue's closure "terrible". The CALL ME musicians played an acoustic set at the punk mecca, which hosts its last show tonight (15OCT06), headlined by Patti Smith. CBGB is relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada, after a legal dispute with a neighbourhood commission in New York. The new club is expected to open in spring 2008. After an encore performance, Harry bemoaned, "CBGB's, oh my God what are we going to do? This is terrible." Fans were delighted Harry played the venue which helped launch her career in the 1970s one more time. GREG ADSLUF, 44, said, "Deborah Harry is like the queen, she is awesome. To see her play at CBGB's is like watching her in her backyard, this is her home."