Veteran rockers Blondie turned down the chance to perform at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia to protest against the country's gay rights record.

The Games kicked off in Sochi on Thursday (06Feb14), with the Opening Ceremony officially launching the event on Friday (07Feb14), and singer Debbie Harry has now revealed her group was offered the chance to step into the spotlight and perform at the high-profile spectacular.

However, Harry insists the band turned down the offer due to Russia's stance on gay rights.

She published a picture of a document showing Blondie's official Olympics offer with the words 'Pass human rights' scrawled across it in big black letters on her page and also encouraged fans to share the picture to raise awareness, writing, "Pass 4 (for) human rights Sochi 2014... Share if you agree..."

The Sochi Games have been marred by controversy over Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws, which prohibit promoting homosexuality to young people, and pop superstar Cher previously confirmed she had turned down an offer to perform at the Olympics over the legislation.

Instead, the Opening Ceremony featured a performance by reunited Russian pop duo t.A.T.u..