Bloc Party frontman KELE OKEREKE has slammed 'racist Britain' for blighting his childhood and making his life a struggle. The So We Are hitmaker reveals the death of his cousin in a racist attack a few years ago opened his eyes to the realities of racism. He says, "The first time I realised I had different coloured skin to other people (was) as a four year old - realising that you're different, realising that although you live in this country there are certain avenues and doors that are closed to you." The British rocker, 26, is currently involved in a campaign against recent activity by the British National Party, which was found distributing racist music to schoolchildren. He adds, "We live in a bubble in London that isn't the same as certain parts of the rest of the UK and you can't forget that. There are places we've played in the UK where they really don't see non-white faces."