Bloc Party don't care about their videos.

Frontman Kele Okereke says he never watches their promotional clips back as they never turn out the way they were initially envisaged.

He said: "With the video making process I don't pay attention anymore. You always get these treatments suggested to you then you get the video and it looks nothing like the treatment do I made a decision of letting others decide because it's not really worth an argument. So 'Flux', I've only seen it a few times, I don't watch videos much. Some members of the band are more opinionated on what they do and don't like and I trust them. We tend to get things done."

The singer - whose group performed at the Reading and Leeds festivals last week - also admitted he dislikes playing festivals because it is "hard work."

He explained to Absolute Radio DJ Simon Mundie: "I guess it's lots of people in a field and when it's good it's a great feeling but you never really know. It's not like doing your own show, it's harder work and I'm lazy."