British rockers Bloc Party have announced plans to embark on an indefinite hiatus following their performance at a British festival later this year (Jul13).

The Helicopter hitmakers will take to the stage at Latitude Festival in Suffolk on 19 July (13) before taking a break, which will mark the band's second lengthy stint apart in four years.

The group last embarked on a hiatus in 2009 to allow frontman Kele Okereke to focus on releasing a solo album. They made a comeback in 2012 with their fourth album, Four.

And the rockers have decided go their separate ways to concentrate on new projects.

Guitarist Russell Lissack tells the National post, "Definitely after we finish the festivals in the summer, we'll be taking some time off. At least six months, maybe a year, maybe two years; it's hard to say. Once we start taking time off, people start doing their own thing. So once people start doing things then you'll start naturally extending how long we spend apart."

Lissack also admitted that the band has been experiencing some internal friction on their current Four Tour, adding, "Maybe we'll play an amazing show and we'll be on a real high and then the next day some minor thing will happen and everyone hates each other."