A Los Angeles police official is calling on Blink-182 star Travis Barker to pay him a visit so they can talk about a weekend traffic stop that prompted the drummer to launch a Twitter.com attack on the officer who pulled him over.
The rocker was pulled over on Sunday (27Nov11) and handed a ticket to get his illegally tinted windows fixed, but it was the officer's attitude that left Barker fuming.
He later tweeted, "Officer Fard of Lapd, get a life man. Find some bank robbers or do something productive 2 do with your time. I know high school was hard 4 u.
"Pullin me over interrogating me & acting like u did over tinted windows till u scared the p**s out my kids was uncalled 4. Job well done man."
Now one of the officer's superiors has asked Barker to address the matter directly with him.
A representative for the drummer tells Tmz.com, "We are handling this privately with the Lapd."