Blink-182 stars MARK HOPPUS and Travis Barker knew the end of the group was nigh when bandmate TOM DeLONGE insisted on taking charge of the trio's music. Hoppus, Barker and DeLonge reunited after a short "forced" hiatus to rehearse for a benefit concert in early 2005, but the get together was dogged by tantrums. Speaking to Spin magazine, Hoppus reveals, "Tom said he would only record the next album from his home in San Diego (California) - he'd work on his stuff, Travis would work on his stuff, and I'd work on my stuff, and we were going to mail the files to each other. "We tried to talk to him: 'We're a band and you're trying to control everything.' The next day the manager called and said that Tom quit. "We said, 'Shouldn't Tom call himself? We've been in this band for 13 years.' The manager said, 'He's already changed his number and doesn't want to talk to you anymore.'" Hoppus wrote NO, IT ISN'T about his ex-pal and posted the track, which features the lyric 'This isn't just goodbye/This is I can't stand you' online on DeLonge's birthday earlier this year (06). Hoppus adds, "These are things I would have said if he had called: 'Your selfish nature is destroying everything that the three of us, our crew, and everyone else worked so hard to do.'"