Mark Hoppus has been discussing a possible Blink 182 reunion, claiming it will only happen if they could put on a "mind-blowing" tour.

The US punk trio, who had hits with All The Small Things, I Miss You and The Rock Show, parted ways in 2005 amid stories of fractious relationships in the band.

However, Hopper fuelled speculation last year that they may be about to reform when he said they had begun communicating following an air crash in which drummer Travis Barker was seriously injured.

"None of us know exactly what's going to happen. I do know that we're all very stoked to be talking again, laughing and letting the past remain in the past," he told MTV.

He added: "If - and this is a big if - Blink-182 were ever to re-form, it would have to be the most amazing, ridiculous, mind-blowing show and tour ever."

Hoppus and Barker went on to collaborate in the band +44, while guitarist Tom Delonge formed Angels And Airwaves.

14/01/2009 10:59:44