LATEST: Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker insists he is still in love with estranged wife SHANNA MOAKLER, despite posting a scathing message about her on the internet. The 30-year-old posted the barbed attack on his MySpace page on Monday (14AUG06), and accused Moakler of partying and neglecting their children. Barker tells American publication People, "I was hearing things in the press that Shanna was saying about me and it got to the point where it got so foul and so false that I wanted my fans to hear from me directly." Although he only posted the message a few days ago, he claims he no longer feels any animosity towards his estranged wife: "I'm not in the angry phase at all because I'm still absolutely in love with Shan." The rocker claims the pair have been hit by the "MTV curse", which he claims strikes couples who have filmed reality shows for the network, including Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, and Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro. He explains, "I think putting your relationship out there for people to interpret and have their own opinion about, I think it's crazy. "Ours was different 'cause it showed a young couple who could still get down and reach their goals and dreams. But I still feel like it puts a lot of stress on the relationship." Moakler has hit back at Barker for going public with their personal affairs saying, "(His) airing of our dirty laundry in the media is not conducive to the well-being of my children, and I want no part of it."