Cult rockers Blind Melon have scrapped a North American tour after sacking tragic frontman SHANNON HOON's replacement, TRAVIS WARREN.
The reformed No Rain hitmakers were scheduled to hit the road with a show in Indiana on 7 November (08), but that concert was cancelled, as was the rest of the tour.
Bandmates Christopher Thorn and Brad Smith have invited rocker Chris Shinn to join the band, but they admit he has not had enough time to prepare for show.
A message to fans, posted on the band's website, reads, "We've made an effort to prepare for the tour with Chris Shinn, but there is not enough time, (so) we are cancelling the tour outright and will now start to shovel our way out of this enormous mess.
"Chris made a super effort to try to get ready for the tour, but it's just too much to ask of him to get up to speed on all these songs in two days. It is not fair of us to keep promoters hanging on while we cancel the tour show by show, and it is certainly not fair to ya'll to drag this out.
"We understand the disappointment and anger that you feel towards us. We are angry and disappointed too. We aim to make it up to you soon."
The Blind Melon founders fired Warren late last month (Oct08) after cancelling the first half of their U.S. tour.
They were forced to rethink touring plans when Warren was ordered to rest by doctors after experiencing voice problems.
The band explained, "We were understanding towards him and supported him because nobody wanted him to injure himself or damage his obviously amazing voice.
"God dropped a Stradivarius down Travis's throat, but the reality is that he treats it like a broken pawnshop fiddle. It is very difficult to maintain a rigorous touring schedule while chain smoking."
Blind Melon's current lineup includes original members Rogers Stevens (guitar), Christopher Thorn (guitar), Brad Smith (bass) and Glen Graham (drums).