LATEST: Rockers Blind Melon will hit the studio to record their first album since the death of frontman SHANNON HOON 11 years ago (95). The NO RAIN group announced their reunion plans last week (ends20OCT06) but stopped short of telling fans if they will be recording new material with Hoon's replacement, TRAVIS WARREN. Group founder ROGERS STEVENS tells MTV News, "We decided to get into a room and play. We thought it would be fun. I was really sceptical in the beginning about doing anything, and none of us are into doing any kind of nostalgia trip. "We started playing, and I knew within the first half of a song that Warren was nailing it. It was something about the way he did it that it immediately disarmed my scepticism. "His voice is in that sort of higher register that Shannon's voice was in, but he doesn't sound like him. There are certain similarities, just because he's in that range, but, on the stuff that we're doing, his phrasing and whatnot is different... He definitely was influenced by Shannon." Stevens reveals the new-look Blind Melon has recorded three new tracks and the group hopes to have a new album finished early next year (07).