The latest round of eliminations from 'The Voice' took place this week and there was a surprise in store when coach Blake Shelton - he of the distinguished country music career - opted to boot out his only remaining country singer in Raelynn from the competition. Maybe a man of Shelton's vast accolades was feeling like a particularly harsh judge of those who would be hoping to follow in his foot steps, yet with country more of a niche genre - albeit a very popular one - you'd have thought he'd be willing to give any young proteges the benefit of the doubt.
In fairness to Shelton he knew that others in the country scene would've been kinder on Raelynn, not least his wife Miranda Lambert. "She's probably a little bit [disappointed]," he told the Hollywood Reporter after the show. "But, I have to do what I think is right as a coach and based off what I saw that was my kneejerk reaction. RaeLynn will be fine. Oh my God, my wife is in love with her. She'll probably make a record on her and everything else."
Shelton went on to say though that he was aware of picking Raelynn just because she was a country artist, and in the event he was sure that her sing-off competitor Erin was the better singer. "I actually came in to the battle thinking that if they both do really good, I'd probably go with RaeLynn just because she was a country artist," he said, "I feel like I can affect change there. I just don't think she did a very good performance tonight and that wouldn't be fair to Erin. I couldn't feel good about doing my job if I would have made my decision just because RaeLynn is a country artist".