Blake Shelton's ex-girlfriend was obsessed with Gwen Stefani.

The 'Don't Speak' hitmaker has revealed her country musician boyfriend's former flame had posters of her face plastered around her bedroom, which she thinks is ''kind of weird''.

Appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Wednesday night (18.04.18), she shared: ''Actually, though, he did tell me that he dated a girl for like three months that had my face all plastered over her whole bedroom. So, that's kind of weird, right?''

When the 50-year-old host suggested she should get photos of her face and put them up in their bedroom, Gwen was grossed out.

Jimmy said, ''Find out what she looks like and plaster her face all over your bedroom,'' and then Gwen replied, ''Oh my God! That's so gross!''

The 48-year-old singer - who has sons Kingston, 11, Zuma, nine, and Apollo, four, with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale - also admitted to feeling ''a lot of pressure'' to pull of an impressive Las Vegas residency.

She said: ''Even when you are on tour and you go through Vegas, it's quite a challenging show because you're competing so much with just Vegas. So many choices and so much pressure people put on themselves to have the greatest time of their lives.''

Meanwhile, Blake recently admitted he ''thinks about marrying'' Gwen.

The 41-year-old hunk - who was previously married twice - would love to get hitched a third time to the 'Used To Love You' singer but doesn't think it will be ''anytime soon''.

He said: ''I think about [marrying her]. I don't think it's anytime soon or anything. The more time that goes by, I guess, the closer you'd be getting to that.''

Gwen previously insisted her relationship with Blake ''keeps getting better''.

She shared: ''He got sexier. It just keeps getting better and cuter and more country.''