Country star Blake Shelton threatened to quit hit U.S. Tv show The Voice last year (12) after learning his schedule interfered with his one-year wedding anniversary plans.

The Honey Bee hitmaker and coach on the popular singing show was due to mark the special milestone with wife Miranda Lambert on 14 May, 2012 - the same day as a promotional gig for the programme, so he put the couple's marriage first and vowed to walk away from the job if he couldn't spend the day with his wife.

He tells music website, "There was one day the producers told me, 'You have to be here on this day in New York City.' And I said, 'I guess y'all are going to have to fire me, because it's my first year anniversary. I have to be with Miranda. Y'all don't want this on your conscience either!'

"Then a high-ranked person said, 'He's right, let him go. He needs to be with his wife.' I don't want to mess up the schedule, but that was important."