Richie died in a car accident in Oklahoma on 13 November 1990, when Blake was just 14.

On the 25th anniversary of his brother's death on Friday (13Nov15), Blake tweeted, "Wow... 25 years ago today we lost my brother Richie Shelton. He's still my hero going strong. Wish everyone could've known him."

In an interview with U.S. TV show 60 Minutes last year (14), Blake talked about his sibling, who he called "the coolest guy ever."

"His bedroom was right across the hallway from mine when I was little, " he said. "And he was listening to Hank Williams, Jr. or Waylon, Lynyrd Skynyrd or Bob Seeger... Whatever was popular really, Richie loved all music.

"And I would be sitting there going, 'Man, that guy's my hero. That's the coolest guy. He's my big brother.'"

Talking about the tragic accident, The Voice judge said, "I remember picking up the phone to call him a week after he was dead, to tell him something. I was picking up the phone to call him, to tell him something I just saw on TV or, and it was like constantly a shock to me that he was dead."

The country star wrote a song in 2011 with ex-wife Miranda Lambert called Over You, which was inspired by Richie. The ballad went on to win the Country Music Award for Song of the Year in 2012.